Individual Therapy

Nurses, physicians, psychotherapists, CD counselors, EMT’s, physical therapists, social workers, and healers from many other traditions. You were drawn to this work to help others. Perhaps you even viewed this as your calling. Yet the systems we join to provide care for others are sometimes at cross-purposes with helping or healing. Some of the providers you have worked with or sought help from may not only have been ineffective, but wounded you further. Or the ongoing suffering you encounter on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis takes its toll, like waves crashing on the shoreline, incessantly, relentlessly. Others expect you to handle all of this on your own, right? Perhaps you hold this untenable belief as well.

I have learned that to deny or to try to run away from my own suffering doesn’t work.

It just makes suffering stronger. While I have been wounded, I have also been blessed with the presence of genuine healers in my life. Individuals who provided a safe haven, who listened intensely and empathically, who provided me with a healing presence. I am stronger and more compassionate as a result.


I have worked in psychiatric hospital settings, and in prisons, and now in private practice. I have witnessed my fair share of suffering.
What I can offer you is a quiet and safe setting, a place for restoration, renewal, and resilience.

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