Skills Training For Stress Resilience

The more you try to avoid or resist stress, the stronger and more harmful experiencing stress can become. Individuals who choose to view stress as potentially positive and helpful show none of the negative physical and psychological effects typically associated with ongoing exposure to high levels of stress. Changing your mindset about stress is the first step towards developing STRESS RESILIENCE: the capacity to actually benefit and grow from stress.

The Benefits of Stress is a research based training program that will help you identify and strengthen skills and tools you can use to reduce the harmful effects of stress and to make your life more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Training Objectives

  • Understand the neurological basis of the Stress Response
  • Recognize the differences between stress and trauma
  • Assess how stress is currently affecting you
  • Identify coping styles that do not help in the long run
  • Develop/strengthen practical skills for stress resilience


The Benefits of Stress training curriculum can be provided at your location and adjusted in length, from three to six hours, to suit the specific needs of your organization. In addition, this training qualifies as professional continuing education credits for mental health and chemical dependency professionals.

Training for Trainers (T4T)

To address the needs of larger organizations, there is a Training for Trainers (T4T) program which consists of a 3 day instructor training course; a detailed training manual for each T4T participant; copies of the power point and handouts; presentation coaching; a 3 year licensing agreement; information on providing peer support; and ongoing consultation for presenters over the term of the licensing agreement.

Please contact Ron Weill for more information and the costs associated with each of the training options available.